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Mews Company compiles Digests of macroeconomic information tailored for specific needs. Custom Macroeconomic Digests have a one-page, concise format. Updating is continuous. Mews Company tracks dozens of macroeconomic sources for the latest updates and revisions. Custom Digests are emailed to subscribing clients as soon as any new data are released. For convenience, the Custom Macroeconomic Digest is formatted as a worksheet so that the numbers can be copied automatically into clients' own economic models.

Mews also posts a Current Economic Digest on this website. It is a single page compilation of up-to-date macroeconomic information that is complimentary to subscribers and non-subscribers.

Academic Origins

The concept of a Macroeconomic Digest was developed in the classroom. The Mews Company’s chief economist, Richard Doege, a professor of economics, challenged his students to describe the current economy quantitatively in a single-page Excel worksheet. Students were required to defend their choice of parameters, whether emphasizing inflation, growth, personal income, or employment. They had to keep their macroeconomic worksheet, “MEWS,” up-to-date for each class.

MEWS proved to be a powerful learning tool that familiarized students with dozens of sources of macroeconomic data. Relationships among the parameters made more sense.  MEWS also made students conversant quantitatively about the economy. And, they came to understand the work required to keep current when data were constantly being updated and revised by their sources. Finally, students were accountable for the authenticity of their data sources.

in 1987

Professor Doege then found that there was a demand for MEWS outside the classroom. A concise worksheet, or digest, of the economy would be valuable to researchers, academics, financial analysts, executives, marketing managers, policy-makers, investors, and corporate strategists. Each could have a concise worksheet in order to be conversant with clients, shareholders, bankers, and staffs and to update their financial models and budgets.

With this concept in mind, several academic economists founded Mews Company in 1987 as an economics consultancy. Clients came from government agencies and diverse industries.

Chief Economist

Mews Company is now based in Washington, D.C. The chief economist is Richard Doege, Ph.D., who is adjunct professor of international economics at the School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University. Previously, he was a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Legislative Counsel in the U.S. House of Representatives. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from Arizona State University, an M.B.A from the Kellogg School of Management, an M.P.A. from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and a B.A. in mathematics from Northwestern University. He attended law school at Harvard.


Working for Clients

Mews Company has a diverse clientele that value having the specific economic data they need to understand their businesses or agencies and to converse with staffs, clients, and investors on a current, up-to-the moment basis. Clients typically start by articulating their relationships to the economy and defining the economic parameters they need. Over several conversations, Mews Company identifies the requisite data sources and designs a Custom Macroeconomic Digest as a worksheet, which is then emailed to the client every time any new, updated data are released. For example, new unemployment data are released every month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics; GDP data are released every quarter by the Bureau of Economic Analysis and then revised several times thereafter. Mews Company keeps up with new data and sends updated Digests to the clients affected.

Meanwhile, as clients get accustomed to their Digests, their views change with respect to the set of parameters important to them. These changes of view are really a learning process.  Mews is available for consultation with clients on how the macroeconomy affects them, whether for particular research, portfolio analysis, policy-making, or strategizing. 

Understanding Macroeconomic Effects

For clients that are developing an understanding of how the economy affects them, Mews has come to believe that the single-page, custom Digest is highly useful when communicating with their customers, staffs, and other constituents.   Over time, referring to the Digest enhances understanding of the macroeconomic parameters affecting them.